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New features in iOS 8

Features of iOS 8, People were already fascinated by the kind of performance delivered by iOS7 and then arrived at iOS8 which possesses even better features. There are several things that you can appreciate about this new operating system. It also has made it easier to communicate among iOS devices apart from several improvements to the touch id sensors, the notifications as well as other smart home gadgets.

iOS 8 New Features

Mentioned below are 8 of the greatest features of iOS8

  1. Notifications can be accessed easily -  you can do a lot with just a double-tap. Apart from displaying all the open apps, it will also show thumbnails of the people you frequently communicate with. It is even easier to respond to notifications. For instance, if you receive a message, you can reply directly from the home screen without having to open the required application. If you wish to ignore it, just swipe.
  2. Siri is more responsive -  it has been made car-friendly by an enhanced hands-free use. To start the assistant you just have to say, Hey Siri. Further, it recognizes songs using Shazam and helps to purchase them just through voice commands.
  3. Mail navigation made easier  -  With a few tweaks to the mailing application, it has been made easier to delete or flag messages with just a swipe. While composing an email you can just swipe down to minimize a draft and access other emails within the inbox and then tap at the bottom to reopen it. Other additions include adding events to the calendar through email.
  4. Spotlight finds more -  using spotlight now you can look for apps not only on your device but even the ones you might wish to download. You can look for songs and it will show those present in your music library as well as those on iTunes. While looking for movies it will show listings of local theatre along with any content available for streaming.
  5. Keyboard becomes smarter  -  iOS8 includes predictive typing through QuickType, although the keyboard appearance is the same. It suggests phrases and words based on who you are writing to. However third-party keyboards like Swype can now be used on iOS8.
  6. The camera and the photos get more advanced -   iOS8 adds a new application to manage photos. Whenever a new photo is taken by the iPhone, the application straightens it automatically. The app also includes editing tools that adjust color and light with a single swipe along with several tools for fine-tuning brightness, contrast, exposure, features of iOS 8, shadows, and more.
  7. Healthkit  – allows you to combine the info from various fitness apps in a centralized place. It also makes it easier for you to share your health data with doctors. For instance, a patient measures his blood pressure, the app will detect if it is in the desired range, if not it can contact a doctor or a hospital.
  8. Homekit -  much like the health app it integrates several smart home devices by establishing a common network protocol and controls the devices using Siri. For instance, when you say get ready for bed, the app will automatically turn the lights off, change the temperature from the thermostat and close your garage door.