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Now Google has a built-in Time Zone Converter

Google time converter, Working in today’s corporate world requires frequent teleconferences and meetings with clients sitting halfway across the world; even talking to friends living in other countries becomes difficult at times due to the varying time zones.

What exactly are time zones?

During the 19th century, the concept of time zones was virtually non-existent. Due to the lack of long-distance communication facilities and long travel times, time differences between the two places were not noticeable. The expansion of communication and transport systems along with trade globalization necessitated a unified time management system. The Greenwich meridian is considered to be the point of reference and every corresponding time zone is theoretically 15o wide which corresponds to a one-hour difference according to mean solar time. However, the shapes of time zones have changed to suit international and national borders.

Why do we need time zone converters?

We need a time zone converter to tell us the time difference between any two time zones. Knowing the exact time difference between two different locations helps us to plan our activities in advance. To solve the problem we either download a time zone converter app to our smartphone or computer or utilize an online tool available for the same.

Now talking about time zone converters what would it feel like if the most used search engine started offering this facility. It is a feature often asked by the users and is now finally available. Yes, now your beloved search engine Google can also work as a time zone converter for you. You can do time conversions on the google apps on your handheld devices or on the desktop browser.

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All you have to do to use this awesome feature is write your time conversion command in simple English. You can even mention the time zones as abbreviations for instance you can enter IST or you can use Indian standard time. Alternatively, the name of location can also be specified instead of time zones and google will interpret it accordingly. Some examples are:

  • 10 PM Central in Indian Standard Time/IST.
  • Convert 4 PM EST to PDT
  • 6:30 PM New York in New Delhi
  • If it is 3 AM in London then what time is it in New York
  • Convert 5 PM Eastern Time to Greenwich Mean Time

Apart from using Google for time zone conversions, you can even use it to determine the time in any particular city. Also, you can directly enter the name of the time zone in the search box and it will display the current time and date in that particular zone.

Best Google Time Converter

Also, Web Guru Google time converter is not the first search engine to be providing this feature; Wolfram Alpha and DuckDuckGo have offered such time zone converters for quite along. And adding this feature will definitely not be good news for websites built specifically for this purpose such as or time and as a vast majority of Google users would no longer be interested to click on a search result when they can get the answer through the search page itself.


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