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Showcasing Images Using Free WordPress Slider Plugins

WordPress website, The development of devices having bigger screens has necessitated the filling of websites with excessive images. This trend has not only been limited to designers or photographers who depend on showing their creations, visuals can aid any enterprise to show some of the best moments of their work. In order to add that distinctive flair to your homepage, you should add multiple images in a slider which can create an engaging experience for the visitors.

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In order to achieve this effect, you would need a suitable WordPress slider plugin. By using such tools you have the perfect opportunity of introducing your company to several clients while emphasizing important content like updates or special offers. Browsing the web to find the right WordPress slider plugin might be a time-consuming task. In order to help you to save time we have added a list of some popular plugins:

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WOW, Slider -It is among the best plugins available mainly due to the templates and effects which make it suitable for use in any web design. With its responsive nature, the plugins provide your website slider with an appropriate look regardless of the device your audience uses. It works flawlessly with various browsers and the added SEO-friendliness has a positive impact on your website conversion rates. It has a point and clicks wizard which eliminates the need to edit or code the images to be used at the WordPress website

Page Flip Image Gallery

It is another popular software component preventing bloggers from creating long and boring posts that need constant scrolling. If embedded in your content management system, you can present several pictures through a slider that resembles a photo album complete with page-turning effects. This plugin is suitable even for smartphones and tablets and will not allow you to lose any traffic.

Free PDF Page Flip Software - Empower PDF with Page Flipping Effect |

WP Parallax

It is also among the best free plugins available on the web. The feature of easy customization allows the automatic addition of content sliders to websites. Using this you can configure display aspects such as the content, interval between slides, number of slides, etc. This plugin stands apart from the rest due to the parallax effect between slides. It is fairly popular among web developers due to its ability to add a 3D effect.

How to Add a Parallax Effect to Any WordPress Theme

Meta Slider

This plugin boasts of four slider types Flex slider, Nivo slider, Responsive Slider, and coin slider each with different features. And the procedure of making a new slider is quite simple, just select the slider from the media library and drag-drop them to the desired place, set captions, and choose one of the 4 slider types. The plugin will then provide you a shortcode that can be embedded into the WordPress panel of your website.

Smart Slider 2

It is another great plugin that provides rich functionality, a user-friendly interface, and responsive nature. It allows you to create catchy sliders with few simple steps. It begins with adding a new layer to the WordPress canvas and then dragging and dropping some items on it and the new slider is ready. also best provided Social Media Marketing and SEO Services at the best price.