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Umbraco – The open source ASP .NET CMS

Umbraco - The open source ASP

When you are looking to build a powerful and user friendly business website, it is important that you make use of a reliable content management system that can help you to deliver the best experience to your target customers. To make sure that you have the best website, it is important that you use Umbraco which is an open source ASP .NET CMS program that can easily enhance your business prospects. Ever since Umbraco has been launched it has emerged as a highly preferred CMS program for numerous types of websites. Since this CMS is an open source program, it is also preferred by small business firms and startups that typically have lesser funds to start with.


The simplicity of Umbraco is one of the main reasons why many business firms prefer to use it for their web development requirements. Umbraco offers numerous great functions which makes it possible to customize any kind of website with ease. It functions as a robust platform that can be used for creating a wide range of powerful websites. It is therefore no wonder that Umbraco has already been used for creating and maintaining some of the best websites in the world. Numerous business firms of global repute have got websites that are created with Umbraco. There are also many reputed media websites that use Umbraco for their operations.

Umbraco allows users to come up with simple websites that are easy to navigate and use. Even websites that have a lot of complex features and uses can be built easily with the help of Umbraco. The websites that are created with Umbraco are not only compatible with all leading browsers but they can also be edited with the help of Microsoft Word. You can also have complete control over your web contents and templates when you are using Umbraco. The best thing about Umbraco is that your website is going to have completely accessible and valid XHTML. What’s more, creating useful and powerful extensions and add-ons is also becomes a lot easier when you are working with Umbraco. Umbraco based online portals and websites can easily perform a wide range of functions like data collections, forums, reporting tools, high end blogging, subscriptions, newsletter services, chat software systems, dynamic form building and image galleries. The good thing about Umbraco is that all of its functions can be tailored to exactly meet the needs of clients.

Contents of Umbraco

The contents of Umbraco all fall under the concurrent control versions. The contents that are posted with Umbraco can be conveniently edited with an editor that is crafted for high end web publishing. You can format texts with CSS while working with Umbraco. Moreover, Umbraco can create re-sized versions of the images automatically in case you are looking to change their sizes. It is due to such factors that leading web development companies like Webzguru strongly recommends using Umbraco CMS when it comes to creating versatile and user friendly websites. So do not hesitate to use Umbraco CMS for your business website for the most effective results.