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Why should you choose Symfony for your web development needs?

symfony for your web development

Symfony is currently one of the most widely used PHP frameworks in the world at the present moment. Plenty of companies, both in India and abroad hire the help of Symfony development experts from India. Using Symfony can really increase the value of any website. As a leading web development company like Webzguru explains, choosing a framework can be a make or break decision for any website development campaign, and Symfony is certainly the best in the industry.

There are many strong reasons for which you should consider using symfony for your web development when you are looking for a PHP framework. Some of them are stated below.

Bundles and Components

Symfony is widely regarded as among the most elegant and feature-driven PHP frameworks in the world. It makes use of Bundles and Components which offers diverse technological advantages. The bundle is very much similar to a plugin. It operates like a pack of files like PHP files, JavaScripts, stylesheets or images which can be used for implementing some kind of specific feature. The unique thing about bundles is that it comes completely decoupled. This means that you can easily reconfigure and use them again for numerous applications for reducing overall development expenditure.

Components function as generic features which help to reduce routine tasks thereby allowing the developers to concentrate on various types of specific business features. There are thirty helpful Symfony components which can help in development process. If you want, you can use the components independently as well as add your very own custom modules without any hindrance to the main architecture. Moreover, you can use the Symfony components as standalone elements in various other frameworks or even in standard PHP solutions.

Strong reliability

Symfony is widely hailed for proven its reliability in applications where other frameworks failed. Numerous popular platforms as Drupal, phpBB, eZ Publish and Magento regularly use the Symfony components. Even companies like National Geographic and Vogue regularly uses its features.

Long term support

Symfony is known to be a well-tested, stable framework that is updated on a regular basis. The latest recent versions of Symfony offer excellent compatibility with numerous releases. They are also supported by the best team of technicians.

Effective testing opportunities

Every new code must be tested in order to ensure stable work and performance of an application. The greater levels of flexibility, lack of strict dependencies as well as a chance to come up with new design patterns guarantee better testing and maintainability in Symfony. With Symfony, it is very easy to perform unit testing since it is equipped with PHPUnit independent library. The framework also allows easy functional testing options.

Top quality documentation

Outdated and incomplete documentation can be a problem with many technologies. However, Symfony offers the best documentation features compared to the other PHP frameworks. All documentation details are well-structured, clearly written, presented with examples and regularly updated from one version to another. As a user, you can find easy explanations of various components as well as the whole developmental process.