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Why We Love Android Wearable?

Android App Development, Android wearable is here to stay! These small but powerful devices carry useful information that travels with you anywhere. With smart answers to spoken questions, fitness tools to reach your goals, and multiple apps, these are one of the greatest devices ever.

These are the 6 reasons why we love Android wearables:

1. Works With Android and iOS

Android Wear works with Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.2+. You can check if your device is compatible by visiting check from your Android or iPhone.

2. Connect with your friends from your wrist

Androids smartwatches feature is on display all the time. This way, you’ll see more than just the time. You’ll see calls, notifications and you’ll be able to respond to messages from your watch as well, even if you don’t carry your phone with you. Amazing, right?

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You can use an internet connection to chat on Whatsapp Messenger. You can also view, accept or dismiss incoming calls, use Google Calendar to organize your schedules, and even create to-dos and notes on Evernote.

3.Fitness tools to improve your health

Android wearable helps you with your fitness lifestyle with your favorite apps to monitor and coach. Android Wear watches allow you to track your distance, listen to music, and do everything you need to work out properly.

Use Google fit in order to be aware, prepared, and motivated during your training sessions. While Runkeeper is the perfect app to track, measure, and improve your performance. Google Play Music, on the other hand, offers you millions of songs to play. Use Strava to keep in touch with other athletes.

4. Useful tools to Accomplish daily tasks

Accomplish your daily tasks in the best possible way with Google smarts. It delivers timely reminders, commute information, directions, and pretty much everything you need. By saying Ok Google, Ok Facebook you’ll be able to check your to-dos and ask any question

With Google Now, y best of Gou can have the very best of Google from your smartwatch. Google Maps helps you get to the best places in town in a very easy and fast way. Google translate uses voice control to translate in 90 languages. And with Voice Search, you can search make commands.

5. A watch for any occasion

Android Wear has plenty of watch faces available and straps from multiple brands and developers. This way, your smartwatch will match your look for any occasion. You can dress it up or down on a whim. There’s a smartwatch for any personality, mood, and occasion.

6.Multiple apps to choose

There are no limits to what you can do from your wrist. Among the tools Android wearable includes and the ones you can download from Google Play, you’ll have everything you need.

These are some of the apps you can download for your smartwatch: fitness apps, games, messenger apps, wallpapers, weather apps, Android App Development tools, sports apps, Duolingo, The Guardian, and much more.

After everything you just learn of Android wearables, don’t you love them too?