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YouTube – 2nd Largest Search Engine

YouTube – 2nd Largest Search Engine

YouTube Services, Everyone knows that based on the number of searches made, Google is the best search engine by a wide margin. But which search engine takes the second spot?

YouTube is the second largest search engine if we go by the search volume. This rapidly growing and fun site has a lot of potentials when it comes to marketing. The marketing dynamics are quite different for YouTube in comparison with other search engines. Mentioned below are a few tips that can help the marketers in optimizing their videos and channels in order to get maximum hits:

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Broader Keywords

People searching on YouTube do so in a different manner in comparison to a typical search engine. While complex searches and long-tail keywords are the staples for traditional search engines, YouTube searches are relatively simple and broad. When looking for the specifications and features of a device the searchers on YouTube would only search for the name of the device instead of a longer more complex search term. This simpler search term makes complete sense since the video will cover a wide range of topics that text can never do. Thus there is no need to put a lot of keywords with your searches.

YouTube - 2nd Largest Search Engine

When you take two similar videos (same number of comments and likes, same watch rates) on YouTube the videos with a longer run time will be ranked higher in the search results. The longer the time one spends watching the video, the higher is its ranking on the website. Longer videos are not necessarily good videos, so refrain from adding fluff with the sole purpose of making your videos longer. Most commonly YouTube videos are kept between 1-3 min to 20 min, however, the length of the videos can vary with the kind of content your video represents.

YouTube is the Largest Networking Site in Search Engine

View Time is Important

Any search marketer will be well aware of metadata. But the type of metadata in YouTube is rather different than what is used by other search engines. Try to put up a good thumbnail on your content so that the viewer can get a good impression of the video. Also, spend some time creating playlists so that you can link the stuff together thus increasing your view times and views. Pay attention to the meta tags with respect to the kind of searches users do. Always remember that educational and broad is good, but clarity and accuracy are the best.

Distribution is the key to success

We can say that YouTube, at its core, is somewhat of a social network. As is with all social websites, the key to success is distribution. If you successfully distribute your video content across multiple social networks, you can increase the buzz and views of your content. However, you must spend money on YouTube advertisements only if you think that your videos would be worth the investment. You can compare the videos against your uploads in order to find the more popular content. That way you can continue to produce better and engaging content which will help you to get more views from the users.

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