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YouTube Storyboards – what are they, their uses and how can they be printed?

YouTube Storyboards

Earlier, YouTube Storyboard video producers and editors would use proof sheets that acted like a sequence of photos extracted from a particular video and printed on a sheet of paper for review. Something similar can be performed with YouTube videos using the YouTube storyboard bookmarklet.

How do the YouTube Storyboards work?

Internally, YouTube splits an entire video into separate segments and each of these can be represented by a single image frame. All of these frames can then be stitched together in order to create one big image which can help to visualize the entire video in a single glance. After some recent video player updates YouTube storyboards are now available for even longer feature films. When you watch any particular video on YouTube the browser downloads the entire storyboard image in the background but the problem is that you never actually get to see them in their raw form. You can either look for those images in your browser cache or just add the YouTube frames bookmarklet in your Social Media browser to print them on a sheet of paper.

How to Make a Storyboard for Video in 4 Simple Steps

YouTube Video Player

In the earlier versions of the YouTube video player, only three thumbnails were generated. These thumbnail images were captured from frames at around ¼, ½, and ¾ of the video. For instance, if you are playing a YouTube Storyboard that is 1 minute long then the thumbnails would be of the frames at 45sec, 30sec, and 15-sec marks. For the newer upgraded version of the YouTube video player, the website generates about 100 thumbnails per video. The generated thumbnails are then arranged into a 10X10 storyboard-like grid. When you move your cursor to different points on the video player, it quickly accesses the nearest corresponding thumbnail of that position from the compiled storyboard.
When you select a particular video on YouTube, the entire storyboard is downloaded while the video is being buffered, by using a print YouTube bookmarklet we can stitch the downloaded image frames together making a large poster.

Youtube Video Marketing in  India

To get started open any suitable video on YouTube and then click the bookmarklet link. After which it will instantly generate the storyboard for the selected video which can either be saved as a PDF or printed. These storyboards essentially offer the complete visual summary of any given video and can be generated easily for full-length movies as well as short videos as long as they are available on YouTube.

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Many people while using the new version of the YouTube video player would have noticed that when they move their mouse pointer over any point on the video, without moving the play head you see a thumbnail image of the video frame at that particular position. Thus you easily get to see the gist of the entire video while the video clip is actually just buffering. This actually helps to save some time as you can immediately access the most interesting part of a video according to the scenes present in the thumbnail. Alternately you can also skip the entire video if the description does not match with that of the thumbnails provided.