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Best ways to speed up your WordPress website

WordPress Website Speed, If your web page loading time is high and it takes more than a few seconds to load, chances are people would go off your website and visit your competitors. The loading time of your WordPress website has an impact on the overall user experience. Slow page loading also hits your search ranking, if it is a problem with your website then some urgent improvements and changes are needed to speed it up.

14 Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress | Developers, Designers & Freelancers - FreelancingGig

Try to find how fast your website is using different tools like webpage test, GTmetrix, etc. enter your URL on these sites and they would give the performance data of your WordPress site. In order to ensure that your website has improved check its performance before and after making any tweaks. Mentioned below are some ways to

Speed Up Your WordPress Website

  1. Go for premium web hosting the quality of your Webhosting services will be reflected on the performance of your WordPress website. Go for those hosting services which distribute your DNS information over different servers since it helps to reduce load time.
  2. Install a solid web design theme some WordPress themes work better than others as they have a lighter and simple framework. Before using any theme test them using webpage test or Pingdom.
  3. Use proper caching ensures improvement in the speed of your website. Use the W3total cache plugin as it is efficient and comprehensive. It enhances the server performance and reduces page loading time
  4. Implement CDN  to improve the loading speed of your WordPress website implement a content delivery network. It helps to load webpages faster regardless of the user’s location, device, and internet connection. It will also improve your search rankings.
  5. Optimize your database will improve the loading time of your webpage. If you do it manually the process will be time-consuming and tedious. By using WP optimize plugin you can work on every aspect of the database and reduce overheads.
  6. Minify your website this process combines the related files and removes the white space from the coding of your website. Although it makes code reading easier but it slows down the WordPress website. Use plugin WP minify to do this job for you.
  7. Enable Gzip compression Gzip compresses your style sheets and web pages before they are delivered to the browser. By downsizing the files you can cut down considerably on the transfer time.
  8. Utilize smush. this plugin is like Gzip but for images, as it reduces their file size but not quality.
  9. Use CSS sprites reduces the number of HTTP requests required for loading any specific webpage hence helps to save bandwidth.
  10. Don’t overuse plugins  Plugins are great for your website’s functionality but using too many can slow it down or even crash it. They might cause software conflicts, thus affecting page loading. Hence only use those that are necessary. Update them regularly to get enhanced functionality and security features.

2 Easy Ways to Speed Up WordPress

If you end up trying these then test the performance changes using webpage tester or Pingdom.