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Difference between iPhone and iPad app development

iPhone App Development, Apple in late 2013 completely changed the feel and look of its mobile operating system by launching iOS 7. Developers nowadays are finding it difficult to create apps as per the new guidelines issued by them. Many developers have gone back to the drawing board to integrate their apps with newer functionalities like Airplay, Maps, and Siri. IOS app developers need to understand the differences and similarities between iPhone and iPad app development in India.

iPad App Development in India

Both the devices use the same operating system and the apps meant for these devices are developed with the help of the same development language and iOS SDK. So the end-user does not feel any difference between the apps meant for these two devices but the developer knows the difference between the functionality and the components of the app. Mentioned below are some significant differences between iPhone and iPad app development in India.

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Difference in UI

The screen size between the iPad and iPhone varies a lot making it essential for the developers to create different UI. In order to deliver a rich user experience, it is important to develop a user interface that can complement the screen size of the device.

Quality of resolution

The majority of the iOS applications work both on iPad and iPhone, but a greater screen size for the iPad allows the applications to use the additional screen space which in turn has an effect on the resolution of the app. The developer while doing iPad app development in India has to keep in mind that some applications meant for iPhone will not work on iPad. Further for the iPad, the users wish to have the screen split into individual panes for easier navigation.

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Sense of Immediacy

Unlike iPad, iPhones can be easily carried around by users easily. So the users expect the applications to perform operations quickly. Due to this sense of immediacy developers doing iPhone development in India has to design the apps to deliver the user experience in a spontaneous and time-driven manner.

Required Mobile Bandwidth

The larger screen of an iPad enables the developers to create dynamic user interfaces capable of streaming rich media. Nowadays most users rely heavily on the internet cloud for accessing the data at their pace. But the working of a dynamic interface depends upon the availability of mobile bandwidth. Several reports have highlighted that iPhone users get more bandwidth as compared to those using iPad. This is why developers need to do iPad app development in India that works smoothly without gobbling up any extra mobile bandwidth.

Target audience

The developers also need to keep in mind the target audience of the applications that they design. Apps meant for iPad are suitable for visually oriented tasks, for instance, kids prefer to play games with larger graphics. While the iPhone apps are designed to keep professionals in mind since they tend to work on the go so these apps are capable of accessing information anywhere.

The version of iOS being used also has an effect on the iPhone development in India, but the developer will always try to develop apps for a more recent version.