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Recent survey results from land Business Online suggest that client testimonials are still a valued marketing tool within the important estate industry.

The website conducted a straw vote over July 2013 which found that 73.5 per cent of respondents believed that testimonials are a crucial sort of marketing.

While these results aren’t necessarily surprising, they highlight that for several agents client testimonials are still a crucial tool for building credibility and attracting new business.

In light of this, here are some simple tips for getting the foremost out of client testimonials:

1. Choose appropriate client testimonials: you ought to aim to form your testimonials appeal to the widest possible cross-section of the market – As an example: from first homebuyers to experienced property investors. to the present end, you’ll want to think about breaking down your client testimonials list and approaching contacts from various demographics and age groups. Doing so may increase your chances of capturing different perspectives in your testimonials, which can successively , expand the impact and reach of this strategy;

2. Harness LinkedIn: LinkedIn allows contacts in your professional network to supply publicly viewable testimonials. These sorts of testimonials can potentially be very valuable as prospective clients often view LinkedIn profiles before directly contacting service providers. you’ll also want to think about connecting with a number of your clients on LinkedIn and asking them to post a post a testimonial on your profile. All you would like so as to seek out a client on LinkedIn (if they need a profile) is their email address;

3. Avoid polishing testimonials: the persuasiveness of a testimonial often relies thereon appearing objective. As such, it’s best to preserve a client’s own words during a testimonial; readers can often tell the difference between an authentic testimonial and one that has been extensively re-written.

4. Ask!: Did you provide a service that your client was satisfied with? If so, simply just ask them to offer you a review. It might be a Google review on your website, or they might email you their testimonial, then you upload it to your website. Also invite a picture . People strongly identify with images of people in testimonials, especially if the image seems like a real person, not a stock photo. (May be hard if they’re a stock photo model) haha.

Find here Webzguru client testimonials about web designing, digital marketing, application development.

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What our customers say about us

Technically competent provider. But we faced difficulty in communicating our point across. Multiple issues on formatting, spelling, functionality, etc. which required a number of iterations and took a long time for getting it resolved. But webzguru finally completed the project broadly to our satisfaction...which is good.
- Bruce
webzguru are a pleasure to work with. They finished the project exactly as specified. They responded to my requests immediately and they made changes requested in a timely manner. I will definately work with them again!
- Matt
I was extremely happy with the final website; I wanted a clean and simple design and Tapan delivered. I think it is better than our main business web site. He was responsive, asked good claifrying questions and any changes were quickly made. Strongly reccomend and will use again.
- Tal
Webzguru did a fabulous job on my website. I would recommend their services to everyone and I would definitely use them in the future. They were very quick and patient with all aspects of the design.
- Dawid
Tapan and his team did an absolutely incredible job. I am a recruiter and I know what a good company website looks like and they far exceeded my wildest expectations. After my website went live, I sent it out to about 100 other recruiters and they all raved about the clean and professional look. I am a very particular person and Tapan made sure that all of my requirements were met to a t, even if it meant him going back to finish something for a second or third time. He was responsive, professional and articulate. Tapan built a robust website and I plan to use him in the near future when I want to expand my website and its capabilities. I could not be happier with his work and can recommend his team to anyone. I have friends who might want to build a site and I plan to send Tapan's information over. Give his team a chance and you will be blown away by the quality and the price.
- Heather Bonamo
We will use Webzguru again and recommend them without hesitation. We were looking for a very specific type of website - we wanted an uncluttered and professional type of design. There are many suppliers who can provide busy, wordy and colourful designs but not many seemed capable of offering a minimal design. Webzguru impressed us with their understanding of our requirement. The first design arrived very quickly after commissioning, it demonstrated such an excellent understanding of our requirement, it therefore required little alteration. This speeded up delivery at every step. The first working prototype followed several days ahead of schedule and we signed off three days ahead of plan. We were very pleased with the very good communications we got from Tapan and Vikram throughout and felt confident every step of the way we would get exactly what we had set out looking for.
- Elliot Krasnow
Thank you for another fabulous completion. This team is great to work with for web design. They are fast, reliable and very efficient. They can not be beat for the timely, quality service the give.
- Rod Hart
Was great to work with. Finished project within budget and before projected timeline. Was flexable on change requirements. Was able to capture the look we were going for. Will definately do business with him in the future.
- Christopher Jones
These guys were fantastic. They did exactly what was asked, within timescales (often ahead of), and to a high level of quality. Unfortunately in this case, I was very slow to approve the project and allowed my own milestones to slip. I have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend these guys. Fantastic job - sorry for slowing you guys down.
- Bev
Webzguru completed my website with the specific information i was able to provide them with. The job was completed in a month which was my expected time frame. It enabled me to have a website for my business in a faster time frame and within a more affordable budget.
- Hoda Noufal
Webzguru was very good at creating my website. He obviously has a large amount of experience as he was able to create exactly what I wanted very quickly. He gave me a lot of good advice as well. I will use him again for the other websites I am creating.
- Jahangir
Excellent provider. I had a simple 7 page web site that required design and a logo. Was extremely pleased with the first design. Really great turn around time - we had the whole thing done in a matter of days. Good communication and easy to work with. Highly recommend.
- Nicholas
Thank you for another fabulous completion. This team is great to work with for web design. They are fast, reliable and very efficient. They can not be beat for the timely, quality service the give.
- Jahangir
Great provider and did a great job. I will definitely use them again.
- James Centrella
We have been working with Webzguru for the last several months and are extremely happy with the quality of work, support and response they provided. Our previous developer left us in a mess but with the help of Hare and Webzguru we bounced back and are extremely happy with the finalization of the site. I would definitely work with Webzguru again and strongly recommend their work. They have gone above and beyond expectations and on several occasions completed additional work off the clock, free of charge!
- Mandi Pralle
I was VERY impressed and happy with Webzguru's work. I will use these guys again. We had some minor hiccups, as all projects like this have, but Webzguru was able to deliver the finished product on time, on budget, and with a knockout design that wowwed my clients. I highly recommend!
- Rod Hart