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Web Design Vs. UX Design – making an informed choice

Web Design & UX Design

Web Design & UX Design, Most of you have heard and are familiar with the term “web designer” but many of you may not be quite so much familiar with “User experience designer” or UX designer. Unless you have been working with these two different types or are a designer yourself, it is unlikely that you would know the difference. However, since you are reading this article, it looks like something has triggered your curiosity. So, let us take you through the two different types and make an attempt at comparing both for a better understanding.

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A web designer is a person with basic knowledge about HTML, Information architecture as well as coding in JavaScript. However, the majority of the designers may not be able to work independently and may have to collaborate with a web developer when it comes to writing codes. The developer helps in writing codes that fit the production. In addition, in Web Design & UX Design, he may also need to work together with an information architect for the architecture part. So, to sum it up, web designers are more popularly known as graphic designers who also have some training in visual design and some expertise in the following fields:

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  • Colour principle
  • Developing icons
  • Inspired conception
  • Illustrations
  • Typesetting or formatting
  • Infographics
  • Interactivity involving drop-down menus, rollovers as well as digitally made slide shows

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UX or “User Experience” involves the designing of websites as well as other apps and software products. A big difference between a web designer and a UX designer is that the web designer is only expected to single-mindedly handle the requirements of the end-user while the UX designer is more focused on taking the job to a level where he can create as well as apply a specified methodology surrounding the user experience.

UX design works with demographics as well as psychographic pictures of different users and their motivational journey. UX designers usually create experimental prototypes or static wireframes in order to gain knowledge about the client experience in navigation through a formal or casual testing process. However, all of this depends on the nature and scope of the contract provided. This usability testing may not be the final one and may happen again after the application of the design but definitely before the final launch.

UX & UI Design
UX & UI Design

Clients who need designers to build a complex website may want to hire UX designers owing to their ability to work with:

  • Multiple user websites
  • Websites that cater to varied audiences and showcases multiple products
  • Big websites
  • Websites focusing on union or acquirement

Both web designing, as well as UX Designing, are quite popular in their own fields. However, what a client needs to use depends on the requirements of the website he is building, and companies like Sakshi Infoway may be able to help in distinguishing the type you need based on the requirement you propose. For a simpler version that simply focuses on user experience, a web designer may be fit. However, if you have more complex matters at hand you may want the expertise of a UX designer.