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How a static website is different from a dynamic website?

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When you are looking to start an online business, you need to have a website that can showcase your brand and serve as a platform of communication with your customers. Websites are mainly of two types, static and dynamic. In simple definitive terms, a static website is one that is filled with content and which cannot be changed without the assistance of a developer who knows how to edit its source code. On the other hand, the dynamic web pages or websites can display various forms of content that are presented from same source code. For this you needs a best dynamic website designing company & static website designing company.

While there are numerous static websites currently operating on the internet, it is often not possible to detect them immediately on first notice. However, static websites are often used by smaller business firms and they often contain content presented in a simple form without any embellishments or aesthetic elements. Professional web development firms like WebzGuru are used to creating both types of websites for their clients on a regular basis. Also known as a best dynamic website designing company in India.

Static Websites

The static websites can be updated only by someone having sufficient knowledge about website development. The static websites are some of the cheapest websites in the World Wide Web. Developing and hosting them is easy and they are used extensively by many smaller companies that are looking to obtain a minimum web presence. These website owners are not looking to have the most advanced coding on their website. However, what they are looking for is that the sites that they invest in perfectly fulfill the business goals of that brand or company. The static websites or web pages display exact same information or media whenever it is visited anyone. The static web pages or websites do not necessarily have to be only comprised of simple plain text. These websites can also feature detailed multimedia designs and even advanced videos. However, each and every visitor will find exact same texts, multimedia designs or videos every time they visit the page until the page’s source code is altered.

Dynamic Websites

The dynamic websites or web pages can produce different types of contents for the different visitors even from same source code. These websites can display various forms of content depending on the browser or operating system that is used by the visitor. The results may also differ based on whether the user is visiting the website from a mobile device or a PC or the source code that is referred by the visitor. It has to be remembered that a dynamic website is not necessarily superior to static website or web page. These two types of websites fulfill two different purposes.

Content Management Systems

The dynamic pages can effectively serve a number of different purposes. For instance, the websites that are run by the content management systems usually allow one single source code to load content from numerous different possible pages. The content creators make use of a gateway page for submitting the material for the new pages into the database of the CMS. The dynamic web page can load the content material for any given page in the CMS database, depending on the parameters in URL through which visitors request the page. The dynamic pages also allow users to log into various websites and see personalized content.



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