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How to embed images from Google Photos into your website

Google Photos is truly the best online service provider for backing up all digital photos into the cloud. The best reason for using Google Photos is that it does not have any storage restrictions and allows users to upload both images and videos. The Visual Search option that comes with Google Photos makes it easier for users to find photos based on things or people present in them. It also comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface and offers maximum security while users navigate and explore all the images and videos that they have stored in the cloud.

However, there is still one feature that is missing from Google Photos.

Use Google Photos Into your Website

While Google Pictures allows users to create links of their photos posted on the cloud for sharing them with friends and family members, it does not offer any solutions to users when they are looking to embed existing images to their blogs or websites. In other words, if a user uploads an image in the cloud with the help of Google Pics, he or she cannot directly embed it to the website from the Google Picture application.

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to make use of an app like Embed Google Photos. It is an app that is specially designed to help users directly embed their images from Google Photos into their blog site or website. This new app can make it quite easy for a user to choose any image that is hosted on Google Photos and then upload it on some web page with the help of simple HTML code.

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Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to accomplish this goal.

  • Go to and then open any image you intend to embed in a particular website.
  • Click on the Share Icon and choose the Get Link option for obtaining a shareable link meant for that image.
  • Next, go to the link and paste the link that you have got. It will instantly provide you with the code that will help you to embed the picture.
  • Once you have got the embed code, open the website template that you have got and paste the code and then click on save. This image will now be directly presented from your personal Google Photos account. You can also use this to embed images in an HTML Mail without using some external image hosting platform or service provider.

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Embed Google Photos

The ease of use and proficiency offered by Embed Google Pics makes it a highly recommended app by leading experts in web designing like WebzGuru. Basically, when you choose to share a photo through a link within Google Pics, it actually creates one unlisted link for it that can be accessed by anyone, even those who are currently not logged into Google Accounts. The app downloads that page internally through this link and then extracts Open Graph tags for determining the image’s direct link as well as the underlying image album.

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