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WhatsApp Bans Its Users from Using Third Party Apps


WhatsApp Users one of the most popular mobile messaging and chatting services is banning users to install and use WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp plus is 3rd party application available on the Android operating system, that provides additional access to various features on their WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp is banning the application for 24 hours and sending them an error message that they have violated its service terms. The company has also posted the reason for their ban on their FAQ section on their page. WhatsApp plus application is not a production of WhatsApp and it allows users to make use third-party services and features that are otherwise not present on WhatsApp. WhatsApp plus application is also not authorized by WhatsApp to use its data. The company mentioned that developers of WhatsApp plus have no relation with us and we are unsupportive of their actions. The company also mentioned that WhatsApp plus has a source code that is unsafe and we cannot guarantee its validity. The information of users with WhatsApp plus can be passed onto 3rd parties and can be used in unsafe ways. They have requested their users to uninstall this application and just install the authorized version of WhatsApp on their phone using their website or Google play. They will then be able to use the regular application.

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WhatsApp Plus provides some extra features like themes and the ability to change chat screens but makes users’ privacy vulnerable as their private messages go through a server that is not owned or controlled by WhatsApp. Some ill-informed reports on the internet had mentioned that WhatsApp Bans Users Plus was a forthcoming WhatsApp version following which a lot of users had downloaded the app.

In November 2014; WhatsApp added a new uninterrupted encryption feature to its Android application with Open Whisper Systems, to protect conversations of users from unwanted snooping and surveillance. Using the third-party WhatsApp plus would have bypassed this added feature.

Screenshots of WhatsApp’s web client have also surfaced online; posted on Google+, featured settings screen of WhatsApp with a prompt to connect the application with a browser and a trusted PC for a protected connection. These screenshots were seen on GSM Arena.

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WhatsApp’s rivals like Line and Viber already present a PC client. That being said if you are also a user of WhatsApp plus; it is advised to uninstall it as this application is unauthorized and unprotected which will pass your private information, chat, and other details to third parties. This can further increase the chances of your private data being sold Facebook online or misused in unsafe ways.

Introducing Google Workspace

Introducing Google Workspace
WhatsApp can be downloaded on your phone again after removing WhatsApp plus. For 24 hours your account may be suspended and if it happens; you can try to download the application again after 24 hours.

Continue with your chats, conversation, and exchange of images on WhatsApp but beware of such third-party applications that can pose a risk to your privacy. It is also seen that WhatsApp is soon to announce its internet calling feature for its users.

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