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Innovative Ways to Use Social Media for Storytelling

Social Media Marketing plays an imperative role in the sphere of marketing and any company that aims to capture the mind of its target customers should focus on it. Stories allow us to create a personality around a brand which makes it possible to bond with the patrons. Nowadays most companies use different types of social media channels to tell unique stories that would enable them to increase the number of their customers.

Here are some of the most effective ways to tell a story through social media channels.

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Writing the whole story of the company under a single Facebook post

Writing the whole story of the company under a single Facebook post

It has been observed that shorter posts under 120 characters had much higher click-through rates compared to longer posts that include more than 280 characters. On the other hand, longer posts had a greater number of? other clicks? like? see more?. This indicates that people prefer to get everything that they want from Facebook posts instead of visiting the actual link. This can work well for companies that are looking to mainly narrate a story instead of trying to get traffic to their sites.

Creating a Photo Album for Facebook

Facebook is a great social media channel to tell a story through pictures. A company can create a unique photo album and share the story with its followers. Moreover, Facebook shares the whole album posted by a user through a news feed when any new image is added to it. This naturally makes it a lot easier to connect to more people.

Creating long Facebook videos

Facebook can be used to create long videos that can tell a story in a much more interesting way than mere pictures. Facebook also promotes these videos to get the number of viewership which in turn can benefit the users.

Going live on Facebook

Going live on Facebook

Live videos present a great way to reach out to the target audience or followers of a business. Interesting live content also makes it possible to engage the audience for more effective results.

Use your Instagram caption to create a solid narrative

Along with appealing and enriching photos that are posted on Instagram, one should also use interesting captions that help to narrate a good story. This offers an excellent way to appeal to the target audience and generate more viewers.

Telling a nice visual story with the help of an Instagram profile

One of the most creative ways to share visual content on Instagram is by making use of multiple posts to set up a sole vast image. When done properly, it can appear quite appealing. A lot of companies prefer to use this method nowadays as it offers a good way to create an ad campaign. Social Media Marketing

Curating user-generated content for Instagram??

Plenty of companies chooses to curate good quality user-generated content simply by sharing images and short stories through photos that are used for an Instagram profile. Some business firms also make use of a branded hashtags to narrate a story that they want to tell. When done properly, it can increase the number of followers within a short time. Example WebzGuru

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