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What is Gmailify? Can I use without @gmail account?

Use Gmail account, Googles Gmail is probably one of the world’s most extensively used email services. That being said, there are also people who prefer to use other email services as well. Nevertheless, they do yearn for some of the email features that come with Gmail but may be missing in the other email services. Gmail has recently introduced Gmailify, a feature that allows users to bring other emails under the umbrella of Gmail. Google has been trying to come up with a way that would allow them to manage all external email accounts with the Gmail app ever since 2015. The newly introduced Gmailify is going to make it easier for users to enjoy the best of Gmail features without actually changing the email address.

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Users who are looking to use Gmailify by Google must first opt for using this feature. It is important that they open the Gmail app and then log in to their non-Google account for enabling Gmailify. By enabling Gmailify, the users can link their currently existing non-Gmail accounts with Gmail. By opening the Settings screen of the app, they can easily tap on their non-Gmail accounts that they would prefer linking to and then choose the option “Link Account”. This feature is currently available on the Gmail app as well as its web interface. With the Gmailify feature, users can simplify their experience when they are looking to connect all of their external accounts. This not only makes it quite simple but also enables the users to conveniently opt-in as well as opt-out of the feature. In other words, users can easily choose to unlink their accounts whenever they want. use Gmail account

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Therefore Gmailify is a unique way adopted by Gmail which enables it to treat the emails from external non-Gmail service providers as its own. By treating these other emails as native, it offers users the experience of having the benefits of Gmail without actually having a Gmail. Currently, Gmailify works on the Gmail app and it is available with the Android Lollipop version or other newer versions. Even though at present Gmailify only works with Yahoo! as well as Microsoft’s Hotmail/Outlook, it has already been stated by Google that new additional providers are going to be added in the near future.

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The best thing about Gmailify is that with this unique feature Google is prepared to offer some of its finest advantages such as spam protection and inbox organization with effective and smart categories as well as other filters. The Gmailify feature can also help users to benefit from the advanced search option offered by Google within the app that can help them to search through their non-Gmail emails, get notifications on their mobiles and also get travel packages and hotel reservations on their Google Now. Numerous web and mobile development companies such as Sakshi are already recommending users in India to make use of the Gmailify feature as it can certainly increase email security for them and also make their email access much easier and user-friendly. Best Providing Email Marketing, PCF, SMO, and Digital Marketing with Best Prices.