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Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development


Fundamentals Magento Development is one of the world’s most widely used platforms for eCommerce development. The wide range of user features and flexibility offered by the program makes it a lot easier to create customer-friendly and stylish websites that can help in enhancing business prospects in a fast-changing industry. In 2015, the new version of the program, Magento 2 was released which made it even more convenient for the developers to create top-of-the-line websites for their clients. Here are some of the fundamental advantages of Magento 2 web development that can be derived from this new program.

New and Advanced Structure

In Fundamentals Magento Development, the file structure has undergone two major updates. One of them is that all the files and details have been arranged in an app structure. The other one is that developers can now access the layout, template, JavaScript, and the CSS/fewer files for any definite module within its very own VIEW directory. The theme core has done away with the use of Bootstrap.

Enhanced Compatibility

Magento 2 comes with compatibility for a wide range of new technologies. It perfectly supports the Zend Framework, MSSQL, PHP 5.3, and Oracle as well as many other databases, which makes it a lot easier to seamlessly integrate a particular website with many other platforms.

Magento 2 Development
Improved checkout

For any eCommerce store, the checkout process is one of the most important elements of the whole online shopping experience and therefore Magento has paid a lot of attention to improve it in this new version. While the earlier version of Magento came with an accordion layout, the new version has got the progress and steps indicator shown across the top thus making it a whole lot easier to navigate. Other than this, users can also find automatic guest checkout and prompts for the registered customers to first log in. Moreover, the users are not required to enter the billing address as long as they reach the payment solution. This can make it a lot easier for the users to enjoy their shopping experience.

Enhanced customization features

Although the earlier version of Magento provided developers with hundreds and thousands of top-notch pre-constructed themes, it was rather difficult for them to work with a custom theme. In Magento 2, such complaints have been resolved by introducing the Visual Design Editor which comes with a new drag and drops feature that helps to edit the Magento layouts. Visual Design Editor has also made the whole process of modifying blocks and containers much simpler as users won’t require any special technical knowledge to carry out such a task. Therefore one can carry out as many changes as he or she wants in the programs admin panel.

Superior Website Testing Features

Testing a site is very important before finally launching it. webzguru  Magento 2 offers advanced support for the developer’s testing needs by presenting a test-friendly interface and structure. This new framework offers support for unit and static tests, migration and legacy tests, performance tests, and also for integration tests. Moreover, it uses a whole new testing framework that allows full automation of the functional settings.

Enhanced customization features
Enhanced Customization Features

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