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Making the Best Out of Web Development Tools

Making the Best Out of Web Development Tools

Web Development Tools is the name given to the task of developing a website. This website can be for the purpose of getting hosted on the Internet i.e. World Wide Web or an intranet of a private network. The task of Website Development Service can range from the development of one page of plain text to a gamut of complex web-based applications and social networking. It varies from web designing, web content development, network security configurations, e-commerce development, etc. the entire scope of web development depends entirely on the scale of the organization as well as the information getting hosted on it. It can be built-in Agile i.e. of building iterations and cycle of increments or a simple waterfall-based methodology.

The use of multiple web development tools allows a website developer to test and check the website for errors or bugs. Such tools can come as an add-on to the browsers or can be a built-in feature of the browsers. Most of the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer have inbuilt tools to help the developer. Additional plugins can also be downloaded to enhance its features. The tools now allow a developer to collaborate with multiple technologies like HTML, Java, CSS, DOM viewer, and editor, etc. The browser also allows for features like disabling JavaScript and CSS and allows editing of cookies.

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Using web Developer tools in the right direction goes a long way to simplify the task of a web developer and enhance the quality of the website. It not just increases the development speed but reduces the debugging and testing effort allowing a better quality and reduced work estimate. Some of the must-have tools are:

JavaScript Code Improver: this application allows the web developer to reduce the time on formatting JavaScript. It makes the language very easy to read and understand.

Firebug: This tool analyzes the content for any type of XML, CSS, or HTML errors in the least possible time. It speeds up the development time irrespective of coding, viewing HTML, CSS, or anything else.

Blueprint: this tool is a CSS framework that helps in minimizing the number of CSS code lines. It does it by incorporating the styles in common use by the other developers.

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Test Everything: this is a very useful tool for the purpose of multi-testing. It does not just save effort by the way of checking the page, it also allows the developer to test the design of the website in multiple browsers and confirmation of the XHTML web standards.DOM Tool: this tool simplifies a particular DOM statement into a simple statement, thus saving the time required to code for DOM structures.

CSS Sprite: this tool improvises the web page performance by reducing the amount of HTTP to launch the images on the Facebook page. Web Development Tools

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Similarly, there are countless tools available for a web developer to make the content attractive with minimum effort. The benefits and contributions of such tools in the modern world are beyond measure.

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