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What’s new in Android Oreo?

android oreo

The latest Android OS is now official and it is going to be rolled pretty soon in the coming weeks. Named as Android Oreo or Android O, the new version has already attracted the attention of ardent gadget freaks and Android lovers all over the world. So let’s have a closer look at some of the features that we can see in this new version.

Battery Life

Battery Life Of Android Oreo

One of the best things about Android O is that it is going to limit the number of processes that applications can carry out in the background during times when several apps are running. Therefore all the Android devices are likely to see a lot more battery life after the Android O gets installed on them.

Smart Text

Smart Text Selection In Android Oreo

The text selection gets much smarter with Android O. This OS is empowered with the knowledge to know when and how to select the whole part of a text, for instance, when a user is trying to selectively copy and address. The smart text selection also allows users to tap selectively on a text perform functions such as searching for directions there or dial the number in case it is a phone number.



A new feature that is going to be included with Android Oreo is Picture-in-Picture or PiP. Although some Android tablets already have PiP, the feature still does not come with official Android backup. With this feature, people can still for instance login and send emails from their phones while they have a YouTube video playing as a tiny window. Users with larger phone screens will be able to make the best use of this feature.

A new and powerful Google Assistant

A new and powerful Google Assistant

Android Oreo comes with a new code that allows Google to empower Assistant much more powerful than ever before. Inside Android Oreo, the Google Assistant will be open to the developers and this will help them to add more useful applications. Such new features allow the users to have access to Google Assistant as they are inside an application; the Google Assistant is going to simply work its functions in the background. Such user friendless allows people to be inside the applications as long as they want. It also effectively serves to enhance the usability of these applications for all.

 Oreo Android Version

Notification Dots

With the new Android O, the notification dots are going to appear just above the apps that still have pending notifications. The user can also long tap on the dot for getting the contextual menu actions that he or she can perform with single taps.

Android Oreo version


For many users, it can be a source of major frustration to try and fill in all details of information, like addresses, account names, usernames, and passwords on the forms in the apps or as they appear on the web. With Android O, it becomes a lot easier to fill up information as the OS simply autofills all info across the web and the apps, thus helping to save time and effort.

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