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How to create a successful logo for your brand

successful logo for your brand

Successful logo for your brand: The logo of your company can really help to determine the success of your brand in the long run. It is the visual representation of the ideals and philosophies of your brand, something that your target audience can relate with. From helping your customers to develop a first impression about your brand to creating your long term brand identity, your company logo is a major building block for the success of your enterprise.

Due to this reason, leading logo designing companies like WebzGuru always put special emphasis on creating dynamic and striking logos for a company that can leave a lasting impression on the minds of the target consumers.


There are mainly three different types of logos that are used by companies all over the world. The font-based logos primarily consist of a singular type treatment. Some notable examples of this form of logo include Sony, Microsoft and IBM. These companies use type treatments or fonts with a unique twist which in turn makes them one of a kind. There are also logos that come with a symbol or artistic element that illustrate clearly the area of specialization for a company. For instance, a real estate company may have a house in its logo. Finally, there are also logos that come in the form of abstract graphic symbols like the Nike symbol that has become intimately associated with the brand of the company. It is important to have a clear idea about the message a business owner intends to convey before choosing the specific type of logo design for his or her company.

Here are some additional tips that will help you to create a successful logo for your brand.

Take ideas from your competition

Consider the logo types that are used by your competition. Are they using flashy and dynamic images or do they prefer to stick to old, traditional logos? While you can certainly choose to take notes from other companies in your niche market segment, make sure that you add elements of your own to make your logo look unique.

Make sure your logo is functional and clean

Since your logo is going to be imprinted on business cards as well as billboards and truck sides, it is necessary that you make your logo memorable, distinctive, scalable and easy to reproduce. Stick to icons as they are far better than standard photographs. The reason for which you should steer clear of photographs is that they might get reduced or enlarged significantly which can make them indistinct and unclear. The logo that you design for your company should be easily photocopied, faxed, and produced in color as well as black and white.

Use a logo that highlights key aspects of your business

Your prospective customers would be eager to learn about the benefits that your products will bring to them. Therefore while creating the logo of your company; you should come up with a design that illustrates the Unique Selling Point of your product as it can generate greater identification with your brand.