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Are Charts really useful for Presentations?

Useful Presentations, Chart is a graphical representation of data. The data is represented by bar, lines, or slices. It is the best way to show data and can be easily understood. Charts are one of the best ways of visual communication because they show patterns in data along with the data. They help to understand large quantities of data and their relationships. They can be read easily more than the raw data.

Effective Presentation Skills

As they are one of the best forms of visual communication they can also be included in presentations. Charts add extra punch to the PowerPoint presentation instead of bullets or the data.

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But some things we should keep in mind to make before creating charts for a presentation are that the chart should cover important points. So in order to make a good chart, we should make multiple charts of the available data and extract important data from all and narrow it down to convey all important points.

Important of Presentation Charts

Charts should be focused. We find many Useful Presentations, that have irrelevant information that is not related to the PowerPoint presentation, so we should edit changes and show only useful data. Exploratory charts don’t have any conclusion they are just used to understand data but PowerPoint charts have a valid conclusion and make a point. It’s like an analysis chart. Axis labels, titles, and legends all help together to make the viewer understand the point presenter wants to convey.

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Many people find it difficult in creating charts and they include useless data or make it difficult to understand data. Like for example in the below chart at

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