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Google launches Slides for iOS, Updates docs and sheets to its Native MS Office

MS Office Service, While going out shopping you suddenly remember that you forgot to add cheese and green pulses to your grocery list and then later while having dinner at a restaurant you suddenly remember that you want to add some points to your presentation for the meeting tomorrow morning, but have got only iPhone with you.

Google has launched slides

We all have faced a similar situation at some point but now there is a way out. The good news is that recently Google has launched slides for iPhone and Ipad and updated version for docs and sheets. With this update, Google slides (googles answer to MS PowerPoint) are available as a separate application for iOS users. To date, it was available only through google drive but now we can access it through its own app. Also, there’s an update in Google docs and sheets (MS Word and MS excel respectively). They were already there on the drive but now we can open, create and edit native MS office files on any iOS device. Earlier we couldn’t directly create or edit MS office files through Google docs on iPhone or Ipad and iPod touch.

Microsoft Office as a Service - An Introduction

These announcements were made in June 2014 by Google and were effective on android from then only. After 2 months, they introduced it to iOS devices. So, from now onwards one can use docs, slides, and sheets on any iOS and any android device. Along with this, we can open, create or edit native Microsoft Office files with Google docs suite on iOS.

Updates Docs and Sheets

The changes that we can do now with docs, sheets, and slides are mentioned below:

  • We can easily get stuff from any device (iPhone, Ipad, iPod Touch, Android, laptop, or desktop computer). Any change in any of the devices will be saved automatically, so we can start from where we left with no changes, anytime when we sign in.
  • There’s a mode added to this app is offline editing. So even if we are not connected to wifi or no internet is available then too we can edit and as soon as we will connect it will get synced automatically and can restart the work.
  • Converting office files to docs, slides, and sheets is a big task. So, from now onwards we can edit office files directly from iPhone or Ipad, Just like what we used to do on android earlier and the web.

2019 Office Suite CD for Home Student Professionals and - Import It All

MS Office 365 Service

This update is a major threat to the MS office 365 service which was a paid service. It was free for a year and then payable. Although Google apps are not as polished as that of MS Office Service still it works on common and most frequently used functions available on MS office 365 service and that too free.

Google also mentioned that 80% of the licenses are only lightly used and most employees use Office only for some occasional edits in a day or not at all. So, it won’t matter to them if they are using MS office or less sophisticated Google apps as it’s free of cost.

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