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The best alternatives to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

The best alternatives to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is a tool that allows you to control file level version for any project. It can make things easier for you when you are looking to start and complete multiple projects simultaneously. By offering multiple platform support it can make things a lot easier for you when you are looking to appeal to a global user base. Moreover, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe helps you to keep a careful track of the progress that you are making and enables you to avoid data loss. With the help of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe you can also roll back to some previous version if there is some kind of break down. This tool can also help in tracking a project’s developmental phase and make a record of everything that has been done so far in various capsules of time. It is therefore no wonder that most project managers simply love to work with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

The widespread popularity of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe has also led to many people look for free alternatives to this tool that can offer some of these features. Here are some of those tools that are recommended by Webzguru, a leading name in the world of web development.


Subversion is one of the most potent free alternatives to the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe tool. Subversion or Subversion Apache is a widely used open source version of the control system. Developers of Subversion have allowed completely free access to the coding of this program which makes it highly user friendly for various projects. You can implement it in a myriad of ways in your design. Subversion can protect all phases of your project’s development from any kind of memory loss. It can also offer crucial records for your coding and development requirements. Subversion is truly a must have tool for anyone who works in the sphere of software development.


Git is widely regarded by many as the fines free alternative for this visual SourceSafe program. Git is an open source program and comes as a redistributable version. The super fast speed of Git along with excellent processing compatibility really makes it stand out among other programs from this category. The best thing is that Git is much more stable than Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. The Git program helps in tracking the overall progress on a project. It can also roll back to the previous versions of the project in case there is any break down. This makes Git an extremely handy tool that can be used for avoiding data loss and designing problems.


Mercurial is yet another great replacement for the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe program. Mercurial is known to be lightning fast in its operations. It is also quite easy to use and offers great performance as a tool for source control management. You can use it for free and work on all kinds of projects. The simplicity of this program makes it rather convenient for record keeping, enhanced development as well as safe coding purposes.