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The importance of using mobile wireframes for apps

mobile wireframes for apps

Mobile Wireframes for Apps: Mobile app development is a highly complex process that involves multiple stages of planning and technological implementation. While you may have a definite idea about the app that you are planning to work on, you may not be sure how it is going to practically unfold in real life. It is exactly here that wireframing comes into the picture. Creating a wireframe for an app is the process by which a simple visual concept is created for an app that can help the design and development team to work on the actual app. While it does not do anything to clarify the design and aesthetic aspects of the app, it does however help a lot in understanding how a particular application is going to work.

Mobile Wireframes for Apps Serves:

Just like the blueprint that is created for an architectural project, the Mobile Wireframes for Apps serve as the roadmap for the whole app that needs to be developed. The wireframe of the app gives a clear idea of various crucial elements of the app, such as the distribution of space; the importance of different types of content and their priority; the various available functions; intended actions of the app and the relationships between screens. However, the wireframe does not shed any light on design elements such as fonts, colors, logos, images, and any other aesthetic ideas. Whether an app is developed for the Android platform or the iOS platform, it is extremely important to make use of a proper wireframe to ensure that the app is a success with the target users.

Structured Drawings:

The main intention of using wireframe and the structured drawings that go with it is to come up with an idea on how an app functions and how does it interact with the screen instead of how the app really looks like. The wireframes are therefore supposed to lack graphics, color, or various typographic styles. Wireframes are not really meant to appear as the final designs. They are actually intended to be an integral part of the iterative process. The designing of a mobile application may be a major and long process. The wireframes do play a very important role in clearly defining the whole structural foundation of an app development project, thereby making it a lot easier for the creative and development team to understand the way they are supposed to work on it. It also helps them to refine the app for optimum user experience.

Wireframes Effectiveness:

Wireframes effectively provide the working team with a great way to understand and validate the usability of the application by enabling the user to navigate through and visualize its different sections. Wireframes can guide users through the total experience of the app without getting distracted by all the graphic design and visual design elements which at the initial stage may only cause unwanted distraction of attention. Being engaged with the process of wireframing on a constant basis allows a designer as well as a user to effectively perform valuable explorations and explorations of multiple design concepts, ideas, and workflows, thus resulting in a comprehensive application that is intuitive, user friendly, and fully functional.

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