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Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads

Business firms all over the world often debate on which of the two platforms, AdWords & Facebook Services, Google AdWords or Facebook Ads would be best for their needs. Both of them have tons of good features that can help to draw customers. So let’s have a closer look at the two of them and understand what they can do for us.

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New Change In Google AdWords Impacts Businesses

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is currently the world’s most widely used paid search program that is used for PPC advertising. With the paid search features of Google AdWords, users can search for the most relevant keywords for a specific business and then use them in targeted ways to enhance a site’s traffic. It can also help to launch various text-based adverts. AdWords help users to bid on the important keywords, definite words, and phrases that are most extensively used by anyone using Google to find information on something. PPC advertising allows the publishing site to charge a sum of money from the advertiser when anyone clicks on any of these adverts.

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Facebook ads are often referred to as paid socials. Since Facebook has the maximum monthly active users in the world, it always seems like a great idea for people to post ads on Facebook that can then be clicked on by the profile users. Paid social ads posted on Facebook make it possible for users to look out for businesses based on what they are interested in. Special cues are taken from their online behavior and such information is used to post the adverts on Facebook.

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A comparative look between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

AdWords & Facebook Services can be easily declared as the undisputed leader when it comes to online advertising since it delivers its results by looking through more than 3 billion searches every day. This makes the search results more reliable and can help companies to come up with well-planned PPC campaigns. Both the search network as well as the display network of Google advertising is capable of delivering reliable information that can be used by advertisers to accomplish their marketing goals.

FB Ads Vs Google Ads: which is best for your business?

Like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads also has an extensive audience all over the world. However, Facebook makes it possible for companies to make use of granularity when they are looking to target their customers. Facebook is a great place to learn about customer preferences and so it helps the companies to come up with a customized sales approach that gets a better response from the target customers. Moreover, Facebook serves as an excellent platform for people to post images. Business firms can easily use this feature and make use of the best quality images to generate customer curiosity. Facebook can also function as a potent tool for companies looking to increase their ROI.

Keeping in light the various advantages offered by both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, we can say that it is always in the best interest of a business firm to use both channels as it can certainly enhance the sales figures to a great deal and make it possible to boost revenues.