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Why Businesses Need to Invest in AMPs?


In the last few years, the overall number of people using internet over their mobile phones have exceeded those who do the same on their desktops and this gap is currently increasing steadily. This has led online giants Google and Twitter to come up with AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages for making the mobile pages respond much faster. This initiative from Twitter and Google came as a response to the Instant Articles project by FaceBook and similar other projects whose main focus is to develop pages that provide prompt access on smartphones. However, the Accelerated Mobile Pages project also came with the added advantage of being an open source initiative that was easily accessible by other companies.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages incorporate a stripped-down or barebones form of HTML that allows site owners to design pages that load in as less time as possible. This is achieved by making sites that only contain static content and do not require same kind of interactions from the users, which makes them load much faster than standard HTML pages. For making the AMP fast, developers make use of streamlined version of CSS which makes it not possible to use certain HTML tags. By having these parameters, it leaves little scope for anything else but only read the available content as quickly as possible. Although these pages are mainly static, adverts, social posts, videos and other rich media objects can embedded into these sites by developers by using different types of web components such as analytics.

Up until now, AMP has been mostly used for serving different kinds of content quickly and helping end users access it quickly without needing to click on a website. AMP enabled web pages are made available for mobile users as results just above the main results page. Publishers who have proper AMP versions of their websites can have their results showcased on the news and the regular search results. The AMP version requires a desktop version as well in order to function properly. Google can find the page once it is properly marked with AMP HTML link showcased on the desktop page.

Advantage of Using AMP

By far, the biggest advantage of using AMP is the greater speed at which the pages can be accessed by the target users. This helps to eliminate high bounce rates that are often attributed to the slow loading pages. AMP can serve as an awesome value proposition for publishers who are looking to deliver latest news or different types of content. AMP also facilitates greater promotion and distribution of content within a short time so that publishers can easily make their content available to a large number of users. This content can then be easily shared across multiple platforms and applications. Companies that mostly rely on the revenue obtained from subscriptions or ads can greatly benefit from AMP. It is also due to this reason that AMP is ideal for small businesses as they have a need to reach out to as many potential users as possible in a short time. For them, AMP can work as a cheap but effective channel of promotion.

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