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nopCommerce – ASP.NET Open-source Ecommerce

nopCommerce - ASP

When you are looking to start an ecommerce business, it is very important that you choose your ecommerce development platform carefully as the success of your online business greatly depends on it. nopCommerce is a powerful ecommerce development platform that is based on MS SQL Server 2008 and ASP.NET MVC 4.0. ASP.NET is widely regarded as one of the finest languages that can be used as an ecommerce solution and for the development of web applications. nopCommerce is an open source program which means that you can use it for effective web development purposes each and every time. The platform has got numerous easy to use and highly flexible tools that can be used for nopCommerce hosting. Such features have made it a trustworthy and reliable ecommerce development platform.


Ecommerce developers all over the world simply love to work with nopCommerce due to the high level of customization features that it is equipped with. If you are looking to create a powerful ecommerce platform for your business with nopCommerce, you can easily download it for free and start working on it. Ecommerce hosting is easy with nopCommerce as it offers numerous backend tools that are not only easy to use but also extremely flexible. The program also comes with an excellent range of front end features. The simple and convenient features also make it easier for developers to work with it and create a finished ecommerce portal within a short time. The best part of choosing nopCommerce for your ecommerce website is that it does not require advanced computer operation and website building knowledge. The simplicity of this ecommerce platform lets people with little technical prowess use it with the same kind of efficiency. It is due to this reason that reputed ecommerce development companies like Webzguru strongly recommend using nopCommerce.

Requirements of ecommerce

Over the years, the needs and requirements of ecommerce portals have changed greatly.  Has been designed in keeping with all the latest requirements of the industry in mind. Since nopCommerce only makes use of powerful open source coding system, you can find plenty of support for it in the online world. Additionally, you can also create URLs with it that is completely search engine friendly. The ecommerce platforms that can be created with the help of nopCommerce come with complete tax support flexibility. Moreover, nopCommerce offers full compatibility for the leading payment gateways like Google Checkout, PayPal and Since nopCommerce is based on the ASP.NET platform, it comes with enhanced security that prevents hackers from stealing important personal information of the customers.

There are also certain features that are not available with other ecommerce platforms. For instance, news RSS feed, real time exchange rates for various currencies, live chat integration, SMS notification and contact us forms are some of the features that can be implemented with the help of nopCommerce. You can also have social media integration which is a necessity for all ecommerce stores these days. So do not hesitate to choose nopCommerce for the success of your online business.