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Top UX/UI Trends to look for in 2018

UX UI trends

User experience and user interface was really big last year and we have seen numerous innovations in terms of product interfaces as well as presentation of content across various kinds of digital platforms. Numerous mobile and web based creations have already hit the market and they have transformed the scope of UX/UI in their own ways. A number of these innovations have already been discarded for 2018 since they are flawed in some way due to their miscalculations with UX. This has also led to new trends for 2018 when it comes to UX/UI. Leading web design and development company Webzguru some of the major UX/UI trends to look out for in 2018.

Content oriented experiences

One of the main highlights of UX/UI design is certainly going to be content. More websites will focus on creating a website that allows site visitors to have easy access to the text and visual content they present. It is this feature that is going to make web and mobile products truly interesting. While many websites will still want to come up with a fantastic interface that is appealing to the eyes and there is nothing wrong with that, the main emphasis will be on CX or content experience. It is therefore important to achieve a perfect balance of technology and content so that the desired traffic levels can be achieved. In 2018, it will therefore become important to have clear cut visuals that do not obstruct the content in any way. Mobile and web designing will also focus on removing any kind of design clutter that seems to be too distracting from the main content. Additionally, more websites will use white space as a form of breathing room for the content.

Design methods that improve user experience by saving navigation time

Most app and website users are impatient and they prefer to go through it within a couple of seconds. Therefore you must keep the UX/UI simple enough so that it can be navigated within a short period of time. While it is true that absolutely minimalistic designs are not going to win one points for widespread appeal, it is still important to come up with designs that bring down friction and make things easier for the users. Designers must focus on coming up with UX/UI that are of good quality without taking a lot of time. The best ways to do that are mentioned below.

  • Context-specific features that are only visible to the users when they need them
  • Designing for the most widely used navigation patterns
  • Using linear design experience
  • Designing to accommodate anticipated user actions
  • Gentle nudges like pop-up suggestions which can help the app users easily save more time as they perform some specific functions

Superior personalized user experiences

Creating personalized or customized user experiences is hot these days as they help to build a stronger rapport with the users. By implementing small tools that help to study the behavior of regular users, by the help of Webzguru’s UX/UI professionals you can create a user experience that is personalized for their needs.