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Pros and Cons of Live Video Marketing

Live Video Marketing, Social media experts have been laying their bets on live videos as the hottest content marketing strategy in the coming times.

Live Videos Must be a Part of Your Marketing Campaign

Social media has been about building, nurturing, and engaging the audience so that they stay and buy. With Live videos, customer engagement and trust with the brands have augmented phenomenally.

Thanks to Facebook who introduce Live videos. Its futuristic vision – Facebook Live Video, is all set to reign the social media gamut.

And What is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of Live Videos?

It’s Life!

With live videos, you seize the moment and connect with your audience right at the spot. Your audience can witness right when it’s happening and this makes the beauty of the FB Live video even more spectacular.

No cuts and no retakes.

Brands can reinforce their authenticity by streaming videos live. Viewers like to watch live videos even when they are three times longer than native video uploads.

That’s a huge leap!


Viewrs view on video

With live video streaming, e-commerce reaches new heights as the content directly reaches the customers. They make the purchase decision on the spot, that too after a substantial live discussion. Brands are employing the best equipment and technicians to live stream videos that look totally unscripted, impromptu, and authentic.

How to Use Live Videos for Marketing?

1. Meaningful conversations are fulfilling

Conversations that have solutions to users’ problems in real-time are something that goes well with in videos.

Professional website designers who provide awesome SEO tips through Facebook live videos.

SEO tips through facebook live videos

This video has a goal and provide the audience with an enriching experience which they miss when the video gets over.

Win your audience’s trust by making the video interactive and purposeful. It should not look like a full-blown star-studded promotional campaign that does not make any sense to the audience.

2. Practice and Prepare

Live videos are about one single take where there is no scope for editing or polishing the video. People in the live chat have to perform extremely well as the onus of the brand reputation is on them. Rehearsals and dry runs must be conducted for the flawless real-time performance of Live Video Marketing.

3. Offers and Prizes Galore

The idea of a live video is to involve your audience. Just do that. Provide exciting giveaways and early-bird discounts for immediate orders. Conduct questionnaires and make the audience win surprise gifts. The session should be informative as well as fun.

4. Announcement in advance

Whether you want to run a live Q&A session or want to introduce your product, informing your audience in advance is a best way to grab a handful of users.