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WhatsApp introduces payments to promote the vision of Digital India

WhatsApp Payment

WhatsApp introduces payments to promote the vision of Digital India: WhatsApp is all slated to initiate payments with their messaging application that will allow users to transfer money over the app using a text. With that, it is going to become the latest service provider that is going to provide its users with this type of feature. The beta version of the latest update for the WhatsApp messaging app revealed that it is soon going to start to support payments. WhatsApp is currently one of the most extensively used messaging apps in India as well as the rest of the world. India is deemed as a very important market for the WhatsApp messenger and therefore it is going to launch its payment services in India to further aid in digital money transfers.

Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

Currently WhatsApp is working on bank to bank transfers with UPI. Unified Payments Interface or UPI is a digital payments system that is run by Reserve Bank of India. RBI has already confirmed that the WhatsApp payment features are going to be launched in India first and then in other parts of the world. WhatsApp has been recently recruiting various local payment apps to do the work for them. It is believed that within a span of few months this feature is going to see the light of day. Although the official team at WhatsApp has not revealed much yet about its plans to launch WhatsApp Payments for its users, they have said that they are going to do their bit to realize the potential of a Digital India. WhatsApp is currently exploring the ways through which it can work together with other companies and promote the vision of Digital India. WhatsApp has also mentioned that it will take into consideration the feedback offered by others to make sure that the new feature is a success.

WhatsApp is owned by the parent company FaceBook, which already has presented the feature of peer-to-peer payments with its standalone FaceBook Messenger app from 2015 onwards. Apple has also currently been working on peer-to-peer payment methods for the iMessage app. Although WhatsApp is going to face tough competition in India from PayTM, it is believed that the new WhatsApp payments feature is going to be very well received by the users in India much like the original messaging app. WhatsApp also recently mentioned that it is going to add numerous new features after it touches the daily user milestone of one billion. The company is now committed to bring users more features than ever that can enhance the experience of the users with the app. The classic simplicity, reliability and security that are so frequently associated with WhatsApp will be included in these features as well.

Another new feature that is going to be available soon to WhatsApp users is the advantage of unsending messages after they have been sent. Plenty of times, users send a message by mistake and then feel embarrassed about it. However, this new feature is going to allow them to delete the unwanted message within the first five minutes of sending it.

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