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How to deploy your application on AWS

How to deploy your application on AWS

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a powerful cloud computing system that can be used for deploying different kinds of apps so that it helps in saving space and improving the operational efficiency of the program. The Amazon Web Services cloud platform can also be used for developing a variety of web apps which can then be deployed for optimum convenience. AWS also offers a wide range of deployment tools that can be used by business owners and users for deploying their applications over the cloud platform. The deployment tools offered by AWS can offer users the perfect combination of control and automation that can help them to run their business efficiently and effectively. The easily scalable features offered by AWS make it a perfect cloud platform for the deployment of various applications.

 Deploy an app on AWS

In order to deploy an app on AWS, it is necessary that you make use of a reliable deployment tool that can make your work a lot easier. One of the most potent tools for application deployment that you can use for your needs is AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Recommended highly by leading web development companies like Sakshi, Elastic Beanstalk can serve as a powerful high-level deployment tool which can make it easier for you to get your app from the desktop to the web within a few minutes. The Elastic Beanstalk tool can handle all details of your native hosting environment, such as load balancing, capacity provisioning along application health monitoring and scaling which means that you can have complete peace of mind while the whole process of deployment is perfectly taken care of.

With Elastic Beanstalk, you can get complete coverage for apps that are developed in Java, PHP, Go, .NET, Python, Node.js, and Ruby with multiple configuration support for each platform. The platform configuration helps to define the general infrastructure as well as software systems that are suitable for a particular environment. As you choose to deploy your application, Elastic Beanstalk can present with a set of important AWS resources such as Amazon EC2 instances, a load balancer, alarms, security groups, and others. The software system that runs an application greatly depends on the type of platform configuration. For instance, Elastic Beanstalk offers support for 3 different configurations for Python, namely Python 2.6, Python 2.7, and Python 3.4.

Deploy an app with the AWS cloud platform

To deploy an app with the AWS cloud platform, you need to first sign up with AWS as this will give you access to all the tools and features that you will need. Next, you will have to consider the nature of the app that you are looking to deploy. For instance, if you are working with an app that is built with Node.js, you will need to make use of the Node.js SDK that can present you with the JavaScript objects required for AWS. Additional tools that can be used for the deployment process include Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Simple Notification Service. After this, you will have to download the code required for the app and work on creating an IAM role and policy.

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