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Top PHP Frameworks for Web Development

PHP Frameworks for Web Development

PHP is the world’s most widely used server-side web development and scripting language. Over the years, it has developed a lot and the current versions offer far more features than its predecessors. Apart from using different versions of the main PHP program, developers also make use of frameworks that are based on PHP scripting in order to design and create a lot of complex web apps and websites. These frameworks make it easier for the developers to work on advanced projects and save time and hassles that might crop up from always having the need to start from the beginning. Webzguru used Top PHP Frameworks for Web Development.

Here are some of the best PHP frameworks that can be used for Web Development

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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks of all and is widely used by many programmers for different types of projects. Released in 2011, the program has already left a strong mark in the web development industry. The framework comes with an excellent ecosystem and also provides with state of the art hosting and deployment facilities. It also presents an elegant syntax that can perform different types of tasks like authentication, queuing, caching, sessions, and RESTful routing. It also comes with its own simple and lightweight templating engine known as Blade. WebzGuru is one of the best? Laravel Application Development company in India.


CodeIgniter is a robust and lightweight PHP framework that was originally released in 2006. It has a simple and straightforward installation process requiring only minimal configuration. CodeIgniter is also the perfect choice for those who are looking to steer clear of PHP version conflict since it works perfectly on all dedicated and shared hosting platforms. WebzGuru is one of the companies for CodeIgniter Development Company in India.


Symfony is a program that is widely used in various important projects like Drupal CMS and the phpBB system. The framework also comes with an extensive developer community as well as numerous ardent users. Symfony comes with diverse and varied reusable PHP libraries known as Symfony Components which can be used for managing different tasks like form creation, routing, object configuration, templating, and authentication. The components can be installed separately as well.

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Yii 2

The Yii framework is known for being one of the fastest PHP frameworks that are available in the world. It makes use of the lazy loading technique. The Yii 2 framework is entirely object-oriented and its functionality is based on the DRY coding concept. Yii 2 comes with multiple AJAX-enabled features and it also offers jQuery integration. Another distinct advantage of using Yii 2 is that it offers a wide range of theming and skinning options. The framework is perfect for anyone looking to customize the frontend background in the most effective manner. Yii 2 also offers a well-rounded web-based interface that makes it easier to generate codes through an interactive platform.

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Phalcon framework is a framework that is based on C and C++ scripts. It offers a range of elements that allow users to make use of enhanced customization options. The best part of using Phalcon is that it can be used for different kinds of web portals and apps.

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