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How to Avoid Common Mistakes in CSS?

CSS is currently one of the world’s most widely used languages that are used for describing the style of HTML documents. Used alongside HTML, CSS offers a range of distinct advantages that makes it a lot easier to create quality web pages. However, it is necessary to implement CSS in the best possible manner so as to obtain the most positive results. This also means steering clear of common CSS mistakes that undermine the value of a website. In this article, we are going to explore several common CSS mistakes that web designers make from time to time and discuss how to steer clear of them.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing CSS for WordPress

Avoid Common Mistakes in CSS

Long selectors

Long selectors should be avoided at all costs since like ids they only serve to increase specificity. This is going to pose an even bigger problem in the coming years along with updates and regular maintenance work. Keep your selectors only two or three levels deep so as to avoid any future complications.

Top-down CSS

Imagine that you are working on a Webdesign project and are just starting to add more styles to it after you have prepared the basic HTML structure. At this point, many CSS specialists actually create them in layouts that are done in a top-down style. Instead of abstracting all the design elements used on the site, it basically mimics the basic HTML layout of the site. It also makes use of the ids used in the site for context, like #content and #header. It often gives rise to long selectors which can be quite difficult to work on while carrying out maintenance work. Moreover, they never respond well to debugging attempts. In order to rectify this CSS problem, it is necessary to work on the abstracting design components that are present on the page that can also help to get rid of redundancy in the coding.

Inline styles

Inline styles, just like long selectors, pose specificity problems and make it difficult to separate the style from structure. As developers started to make use of CSS for creating the external stylesheets, they also stopped combining styles with structural elements. It is therefore always a wise decision to steer clear of inline styles and flag them as inappropriate.

Best CSS designing and Web development Company India – Redundancy or DRY violations 

In the world of CSS designing and implementation, redundancy refers to the act of repeating a particular type of CSS tool which often leads to a functional wastage. To make sure that you do not have to do this at any point in your CSS work, it is important that you make use of a well-rounded design plan. This plan is going to help you properly strategize the components of your site and have a clear notion of how they are related to one another. The plan can also help you to come up with better quality CSS by writing less.

Cheater styles

In CSS, cheater styles refer to negative margins of different kinds. So when you are working on your websites, make sure that you stay away from them completely.  Best Digital Marketing, Social Media Company India  WebzGuru.Net

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