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How visual search technologies can enhance the prospects of ecommerce business


Visual search technologies in ecommerce business have really revolutionized the online shopping industry in the recent times. Over the last few years it has really gained ground in the ecommerce sector, determining the ways customers are deciding on their purchasing choices. The year 2017 literally marked a rising trend in the sphere of visual search and it was made mainstream by Pinterest when the site launched its own visual discovery tool which instantly became a major hit amongst its users. The rising curve of traffic generated by such a visual discovery tool along with consistent activity by the online shoppers encouraged online retailers to make use of this tool in order to promote their own websites.

Within a short time, the rising numbers in terms of online traffic make business owners realize that making effective use of some kind of visual element for their own websites can benefit their enterprises in more ways than one. Firstly, it would help in creating a highly natural shopping experience which the users would simply love to indulge in. Secondly, they are more likely to embrace the visual aesthetics which in turn can impact their shopping choices in the long run. This led Amazon to launch Spark for their Prime members that actually look much like some kind of Instagram feed with shoppable images which in turn can take audience back the main website of Amazon.

Visual search technologies

Following the growing trend of using visual search technologies, eBay came up with their own image search capabilities designed and developed for mobile devices which effectively combine machine learning with AI and provide with advanced and improved results. Google also released a new update for their image search options that can be used on mobile devices. This update includes implementation of badges on the image results for allowing the viewers to know immediately at first glance if the item displayed is currently available for sale. The new image search option also provides with a range of other utilitarian features as well.

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Enhance the sales figures

One of the main reasons as to why visual search technologies have grown rapidly in popularity is that our brains are naturally predisposed to process visual images in a much more rapid pace than the traditional textual images. The visual images also carry maximum importance for all online visitors who are looking to buy goods through ecommerce stores. In this way, visual search technologies are rapidly transforming the way different types of products are being searched on the mobile as well as the web. Through visual search customers can get instant access to the products that they desire and also search for similar products at close price ranges. The visual search options also function to save time for the users and make it easier for the customers to look for the items that they want to buy. Numerous companies all over the world such as WebzGuru have already come up with ways to use visual search technologies effectively for the effective promotion of an ecommerce business and enhance the sales figures.

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