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Elementor Vs Visual Composer


A WordPress website-building plugin can be just the thing you need when considering making a website from scratch. By using these plugins, you can shape your website design in less time. The Elementor and the Visual Composer work as excellent drag-and-drop WordPress content editing plugins. You can use both these plugins when you are looking to create the content structure and the posts on your WordPress site. You don’t need to learn coding to create the structure you want. Moreover, they even have similar features and functionalities.

Read on to find out about these plugins so that you can decide which one would be better for you.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer

Visual Composer Website Builder is the same plugin that was originally known as a WPBakery Page Builder. The Visual Composer has already powered more than 2 million websites. Hence, it is considered one of the most widely used website builder plugins now. It is also strongly recommended by leading brands like Forbes. Fast, effective, and user-friendly, the Visual Composer helps you to save time when you are designing a website. This means you do not have to waste your precious time learning about coding so that you can work with add-ons.

Another plus of using the Visual Composer is that it lets you explore an unlimited range of designs. Thus, providing scope to advance your web design creatively. No matter the design idea or plan you are intending to work on, you can achieve that with this plugin. You can also create responsive web designs with the help of Visual Composer.

Here are some distinct characteristics of the Visual Composer Website Builder plugin.

Suitable for both front-end and back-end page building

Suitable for both front-end and back-end page building

Visual Composer Website Builder plugin helps create both front-end as well as back-end pages using its signature drag-and-drop builder system. Using the front-end page builder, you can generate the look of your website to see how it looks in real-time. With the back-end builder, you get to enhance the functioning of your website’s distinct elements from a bird’s eye POV.

Templates and elements

Templates and elements

The Visual Composer is equipped with more than 50 different templates. You can choose any template of your choice to create home pages, inner pages, blogs, and other entries. The plugin also offers numerous content elements that you can use when you are looking to work on charts, sliders, and forms.

Works with all types of WordPress themes

Works with all types of WordPress themes

One of the rarest but useful features that you can get to have when you choose to work with Visual Composer is that it can deliver seamless performance with all types of WordPress themes. If you have used WordPress plugins in the past, you will know many plugins cause errors as they are not compatible with any theme. However, when you choose Visual Composer for your work, it can blend well with any theme you choose for your website. Therefore, you can save money and effort as you do not need to find any other efficient plugin for your WordPress theme.

Lifetime updates along with excellent support

Lifetime updates along with excellent support

You gain free access to any new version of the Visual Composer once you choose a premium license. Along with this, you also have the advantage of consulting with a dedicated team of support professionals when you need any kind of assistance.

Shifting user roles

Shifting user roles

When you have several users working on the website that you are looking to build, you can set the elements that they can or cannot use.

Visual Composer Website Builder has both free as well as premium versions. There are 3 core licenses that you get to have with Visual Composer, namely a single website, 3 websites, and a developer license. You can perform theme integration with the Visual Composer free version. However, this particular option is unavailable with You will also need to have Node 8.0 and Webpack 4.0 or higher while working with Visual Composer.

Elementor - WordPress website building plugin


Elementor is a comprehensible plugin for WordPress with an open-source and free version as well as a pro-version. It comes equipped with numerous additional features. Currently, there are more than 600,000 websites that feature this plugin. Numerous well-known sources strongly recommend using Elementor for its unique and advanced features. Elementor allows users to make websites that are fast and responsive. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder which allows website owners to edit their websites in any way they want.

Designers can leverage the instant page load feature. This means that you do not need to update the pages constantly to see if the chances are reflected in the previews. Elementor is even faster than Visual Composer which appeals to a lot of users. There are more than 100 templates that come with Elementor. You can also have the undo feature with Elementor if you think that you have made a mistake. Another great thing about Elementor is that it offers a revisions list that can come in handy when you are trying to get back to an earlier design version.

Here are some distinct features of the Elementor plugin.

Front end builder

Front End builder

With Elementor, you get to have a very simple and intuitive front-end builder that can help you to create good-looking websites that offer fast performance. However, you are not going to get any back-end builder with this plugin.

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode

If you are planning on using the maintenance mode, you have the choice of using the ‘Coming Soon’ button as you carry on with your design. This feature provides your users a prompt heads up that you are going to be right back.

WordPress website building plugin

Templates and content elements

There are a variety of templates to select from when you choose to work with the Elementor plugin. Conversely, you get to have a limited range of content elements more comparable with Visual Composer. However, there are a greater number of content elements with the pro-version.

The Elementor plugin is an incredible WordPress website building plugin with a clean and intuitive user interface. It is also a lightweight plugin which means that designers can have a good time using it. There are chiefly 3 licenses that you can get with the Elementor plugin. These include the Personal plan, the Plus plan, and the Expert plan. The Personal plan is perfect for all kinds of small business owners and bloggers looking to launch only a single website. With the Plus plan, you can create three websites. The Expert plan allows you to work on a thousand sites. The WordPress sites made with Elementor (WordPress website building plugin) are also SEO-friendly which means that you won’t have any trouble when you are trying to generate traffic for your website.

Both Visual Composer and Elementor come with their advantages and limitations and so you should determine your own specific needs when you are trying to choose one. In that way, you can have the precise response you are looking to have from your target audience.