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Using Joomla for custom web development

joomla for custom web development

Joomla for custom web development is the most commonly used platform for customized web development. It is also very reliable as a content management system or a CMS; it allows the admin of a website to manage the content present on the website. At present there are nearly 40 million websites which are based on joomla. It has got a wide range of features and provides extensive freedom to various web development companies & Web Design India.

The platform due to its effectiveness and flexibility is quite popular for the creation of corporate web portals and applications. Those wishing to get the best results from Joomla can always go for an experienced and popular web development company within India and get customization done to solve their problems.

Joomla customization India

Certain benefits of using Joomla customization India & Joomla for custom Web Development India for web development are:

Extensively proven and tested ? Joomla provides an effective and reliable content management system which offers usability, robustness and functionality which are much better than several other CMSs. It is an open source systems due to which it has been tested extensively and has proven effective for the development of web applications.

Open source technology ? It comes with a free license which makes it an open source technology. This means that if any PHP Development company India wishes to use it for developing customized web solutions for its clients then it can do so.

Joomla customization India

Complete control over contents on the website ? clients can seek the services of a Joomla customization India company to provide them with a website which gives them complete control of the content present on it. The joomla platform makes it easy for the website owners to easily manage their content. Its backend section is quite powerful which allows the admin to edit the content according to his wishes.

The in-built feature ? some in- built features like customized contact forms, customer login, events, survey etc. are extremely helpful for providing some powerful and unique features to a website which uses Joomla platforms. These in-built features are quite effective in web development India solutions as several unique needs can also be fulfilled through this. Client usually go for customized web solutions when their requirements are not fulfilled by the commonly provided solutions thus requiring a more experienced and professional hand for helping them out.

Web 2.0 enabled ? the web pages built using Joomla customization India are web 2.0 enable. These pages offer plenty of zipped features like comments, blog posts, content evaluation and directory submissions. Web 2.0 can be associated with all the applications which facilitate an alliance over the internet while sharing information thus producing a user centric design.

It is a very reliable platform which is used for developing web applications and website. One can very easily find a PHP company over the internet. The company must be both experienced and reliable. A project involving custom web development is not easy to complete hence make sure that you are working with the right company if you wish to have an effective and successful solution.

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