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Magento introduces all new Security Scan tool

Magento security scan tool, the wildly popular ecommerce development platform has recently came up with a new tool for security scanning that can assist Magento merchants to monitor their sites regularly and receive constant updates relating to known malwares, security risks as well as unauthorized access attempts. The Security Scan service is a free feature offered by Magento which can be run on all versions of Magento Open Source (known formerly as Community Edition) and Magento Commerce (known formerly as Enterprise Edition). The new addition to the Magento program has been welcomed by all ecommerce as it can help them to manage their businesses in a secure manner while at the same time attend to the needs of their customers.

Magento Ecommerce Store

With the all new Security Scan service, the merchants can benefit greatly from having insight into the real-time safety and security status and requirements of their Magento ecommerce store as well as obtain input on fixing different types of potential vulnerabilities. The Security Scan feature consists of more than 30 different security tests that can help to identify the potential vulnerabilities and issues such as configuration problems, missing Magento patches as well as failure to follow the best practices relating to security and safety of an ecommerce website.

magento security scan tool

Security Scan feature

Apart from the basic security features and aspects relating to an ecommerce site, the Security Scan feature can also present users with historical security reports relating to their Magento sites which in turn can help them to track and monitor the overall progress of their sites over time. It can also scan the result reports that demonstrate clearly the checks that are passed by the site and the ones that the site has failed. It also helps to determine the areas that require further action in order to make them secure and safe. This makes the Security Scan feature practically beneficial in a myriad of ways.

In order to make sure that an ecommerce site is always maintained safe and secure from potential threats and vulnerabilities, it is necessary to carry out detailed scans at regular intervals of time. The new Security Scan feature that has been included with Magento can help users to schedule scans for recurring and/so specific dates/times as well as on-demand at any given point of time. The feature can also provide with suggested remediation steps to rectify the issues or critical areas that are reflected with each and every failed security test.

The new tool can be easily and directly accessed by merchants, business owners, authorized developers and their teams through their Magento Account. It is also quite easy to use and set up which makes it valuable addition to the Magento program. Leading ecommerce development companies like WebzGuru have already started working with the tool and educating clients about its benefits. The Security Scan feature of Magento is also slated to receive regular updates from the developers which are certain to make it a reliable tool. New Magento patches will also be made available for Security Scan that will improve its efficiency.