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How to fix 6 of the most common issues with WordPress

WordPress is a popular website platform that lets you create your own site in just minutes. One of the many things that makes it so easy to use is the ability to make layout changes with drag-and-drop simplicity. But even when things are working, there are often issues that can come up. In this article, I’ll list 6 of the most common WordPress problems and tell you how to fix them! 1. Site Takes Forever to Load

How to Contact Support

In cases where you need help from WordPress support, they have a contact form on their website with a variety of ways in which you can contact them. You can also fill out a form in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard if you’re logged in. WordPress SSL Certificate. It’s important to know that you can buy an SSL plugin for WordPress ($10-$30).

common issues with WordPress

How to Fix Markup Issues

Markup issues are usually caused by mistakes made in the code. The most common issues are with things like paragraph spacing, character encoding, and punctuation. To fix these errors, make sure to take a look at your HTML or your CSS.

How to Change Your Password

One of the best ways to protect your account is to change your password regularly. You should create a new and strong password and be sure to store it in a safe place. Make sure that you’re using a different password for each account and never share your passwords with anyone else. If you forget your password, there’s no need to panic, just go back into WordPress and create a new one.

How to Update Your Theme

The first step when updating your theme is to open the theme folder and find the style.css file (this will typically be at the root of your theme). You should make a backup before you edit this file in case something goes wrong. Make sure to check if there are any other files in this folder that you may need to make backups of before you start editing anything. Once you’ve made a backup, scroll down (or search) for the .screenshot class and remove it from the style sheet.

How to Publish Posts Automatically

WordPress has features that automatically publish your posts to your blog. However, there are some reasons why you may not want this to happen. If you want to control when your posts are published, the “Publish” tab will let you change how quickly they are published or turn them off completely.

How to Pay for Premium Services

If you’re not using WordPress Premium, then your site is at risk for being hacked. That’s because hackers often target free service providers. One of the best ways to protect your site is to sign up for a monthly plan with WordPress Premium. It’s not expensive and it does a great job of blocking hackers from getting into your site.